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Passionate for healthy and tasty foods

ANHYDRA’s story starts at a table during lunch break. It’s 2011. Marie-Eve and Martin are good work colleagues who regularly talk about their passion for dehydrating food. Both possess a dehydrator at home and use them with real pleasure. They share their tricks, their findings and the results they get. Apples, pears, strawberries; the fruits they dehydrate are so delicious that they begin to question why finding similar quality foods in grocery stores is impossible. The market essentially offers bananas fried in oil, apples dried with sulfites or extremely salted dried tomatoes to its customers… These foods are neither good tasting nor beneficial to one’s health!

For Marie-Eve and Martin, it’s clear that it is possible, even necessary, to do much better and produce naturally dehydrated fruits and vegetables that will retain their great flavours and nutrients, just like those they produce so well at home. Spring 2012 is when they make the big jump and establish ANHYDRA! With their extensive knowledge and excellent work, they start producing high quality dehydrated foods that are both tasty and nutritious.

Over the years, the team grows and the initial idea that was to offer healthy snacks to families evolves into a larger production scale that has expanded to the entire food transformation sector. ANHYDRA’s dried fruits are now found in many food compositions and provide creators with the possibility to develop unique and delicious recipes that definitely stand out from the rest. Marie-Eve and Martin are convinced that when we use superior quality ingredients, we end up creating a more delicious and outstanding final product.

To this day, the passion for dehydration, the quality of the produce and the assurance of work well done are at the heart of every action.

Marie-Eve & Martin
Marie-Eve & Martin
Marie-Eve & Jeanne